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The IARS is a software that aims to document 4 things:
a) Audits trails
b) Operations of Compliance / approval / acceptance of hardware and software
c) Keep security incidents reports records
d) SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

The IARS will be built using ObjectPascal and a series of open source components, including: JEDI JVCL, AlphaControls Lite Edition, Zeos Lib, so... it will run on Windows.

The database used will be: a) Microsoft Access for the Portable version and, b) MySQL for the cliente server version, MySQL will also prevent users from having to pay for licenses in this fisrt version. Maybe in the future we can move to SQL Server or PostgreSQL.

The idea is to build a system that will have two interfaces with the end-users:
a) windows (portable and cliente/server)
b) web (and android)

The constructions of the Web Interface will uses PHP/Javascript and should also be able to be modify in the run, to fit in within a web browser on a smartphone with Android.

Main form sample:

Main Form

Form about security incidents (under construction):

Security incident form

Web form for audit reports:

iars webform sample


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